Beyonce’s Pre-Coachella Vegan Diet

Our Queen Bey has sparked the vegan diet trends once more simply by stating her vegan diet plan as one of her Coachella preps.

Beyoncé posted her 44-day vegan diet plan on Instagram and at the same time, invited her followers to also walk on her healthy path. Statistics have proven that vegan people in America has doubled in the last decade, populated by the who’s who of the industry, such as Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto, and Ellen DeGeneres.

From environmental point of view, vegan diet does good to the environment, while scientists agree that it is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. For you who don’t know it yet, vegan diet is free from eggs, dairy products and meat. It is believed that vegan diet can reduce the risk of diabetes, stroke, dementia and other cardio probs.

But before you’re marching to join the bandwagon, dieticians warn people to plan your diet thoroughly first. Even vegans have to avoid consuming too many processed foods and don’t forget to workout. Lots of vegan people screw it by changing their meat intake – for example, a burger – with artificial food such as vegetarian burger (which is high in sodium).

“Optimize your nutrition by using a planned diet scheme, which includes vegetables, fruits, and beans,” Ginger Hutlin from American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics once said.




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