Billboard Prepares Chart for Indonesian Music

Billboard is known for their music charts which has become the world’s largest music barometer – from Hot 100, Billboard 200, to Artists 100. Interestingly, some Indonesian artists have once landed on the world’s charts.

Unfortunately, the music charts that have become a barometer of music in Indonesia today are practically non-existent. Seeing this, Billboard Indonesia’s Chief Operating Officer Aldo Sianturi is preparing to issue a Billboard 100 edition for the charts in Indonesia.
Billboard 100 Indonesia can be a reference for actors in the music industry, from musicians, labels to those who are involved in the music world. The presence of the Indonesian charts will also provide convenience and information for musicians to find out the popularity of the song being sung, as well as being a marker of an era.
The plan for the charts that was initiated by Billboard 100 Indonesia will be present starting September 25, 2019 and will change every week, in accordance with the development of Indonesian music. That is, the top position can be fixed and changed.
Later, those who entered the Indonesian Billboard 100 are those who are the members of the Indonesian Recording Industry Association (ASIRI), an association that houses 21 major labels in Indonesia. However, Billboard Indonesia has also received additional data from other sectors which strengthens data that could make them on the Billboard 100 Indonesia chart.
Source: Sindonews

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