Billie Eilish Offers a Peek Inside Her Huge Tour Closet

The 17 year-old singer shows off her expansive on-the-go clothing collection.

Eilish shows off an enormous selection of wearables while on tour in Canada, encompassing both camera-ready and laid-back looks (the latter includes a pair of leather pants emblazoned with sequined “FUCK U MAN” verbiage). She explains her predilection for certain garments, particularly shorts: “I always wear shorts — I cannot wear pants — on stage. But they’re not like shorts, normally past the knee around here-ish,” she says, gesturing below the knee. Eilish also teases a forthcoming Siberia Hills collaboration and shows off a baggie full of diamond jewelry. “I have very ratchet ways [of storing]… jewelry,” she laughs.
Source: Hypebeast

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