Billie Eilish’s Longtime Dream Came True, Thanks to Justin Bieber

Not many people know, behind Billie’s strong personalities and her powerful talents in music, there’s  a soft spot for her first love’s figure yet her wildest dream.

Coming to the Coachella as a performer, Billie Eilish got her lifetime dream to meet her wildest dream since she was 12 years old. The Bad Guy’s singer has mentioned it few times on TV and on some radio shows that she had been in love with the Beliebers’ man–Justin Bieber. She often describes her admiration toward the man who recently got married by saying that he’s the man of her 12-year-old’s dreams and wanted to meet him someday. Little did she know that her messages about him are sent a bit too fast to Justin himself.
On one of the Coachella nights in which Billie came to watch Ariana Grande, she saw a figure that made her fell on knees in disbelief. Standing on the same spot, Billie was seen being shocked when she realized Justin was nowhere but right in front of her–watching her became all red and shy seeing him in person. Can’t handle the sudden change of her emotions, Justin then pulled his biggest fans into a hug. The moment of dream comes true was then captured by many of the attendees around them, including the managers of Bieber himself and Ariana Grande’s who was performing at the same time.
Source: Global Radio

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