How to Have a Blasting Holiday Near Jakarta

So you’ve been saving for the ultimate Lebaran holiday, but already get the kicking needs of getaway from the city, ASAP? Here’s the wishlist that may suit your need: a short holiday without much to sacrifice!


  • Pulau Macan, Jakarta Utara
    Located in Kepulauan Seribu, Pulau Macan is the perfect getaway from the city with a promising resort and its visitors are limited which guarantees a tranquil moment for you.
  • Curug Cibaliung, Bogor
    If you’re looking for a stream of water to wash away all the dirt of the city, a one-day escape will be your perfect getaway. More good news: The ticket price for this destination is very cheap, only Rp 10.000!
  • Taman Lembah Dewata, Bandung
    If you’re looking for a destination perfects for Instagram couple, here’s your priority Bucket’s List! Nope, it’s not Bali, but kinda feels like it (which is why it’s also a popular spot for prewedding photo session). Again, the ticket price is only Rp 10.000 (plus Rp 30.000 if you want a canoeing session around the lake).


Source: inews
Photos courtesy of Piknik Asik, Pulau Seribu Resort, and Dakatour

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