Boys, Here’s Your Rainwear Cheat-sheet!

So you don’t want to get soaked wet in the weather, yet remains stylish and manly for the occasion? Here’s your ultimate guide for rainwear lingo!

A good rainwear is more than just a rainwear – there’s this elaborate research, development, and testing behind the scene to make sure that you get the best  performance of the fabric in that jacket. Such jackets may confuse you with lots of ‘terms’ found inside the label. Let’s understand the lingo!

It means that the droplets of rain won’t get into your skin, even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

It’s one level below ‘waterproof’ – such rainwear can handle light rain for a brief time—windbreakers and featherweight jackets, for example. But don’t bet on it when it gets stormy.

If you’re an outdoor guy who enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, you’ll need this type of rainwear. You can do all the activities in the middle of a rain without feeling like being in a wearable sauna.


Speaking of rainwear, Indonesia is the perfect country to establish a rainwear fashion as it is a tropical country with at least six months of rainy season – which triggers local players in the likes of ame (originated from the windy town of Bandung). The brand is founded by product design scholars who have dedicated themselves to foster rainwear products as a fashion in Indonesia, and here’s some of our favorites:



Let’s keep you dry in style, shall we?



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