The Brand New Side of Gloria Jessica

As one of the contestants of The Voice Indonesia season 2 in 2016. Two years after the show, Gloria Jessica has been busy with her music schedule and is now signed with Universal Music Indonesia. After her debut single released Dia Tak Cinta Kamu  in December 2016, she finally came back with her brand new music. The interesting thing is Gloria achieved an award for Best Female Artist in Anugerah Planet Muzik 2017 in Singapore. She’s just unstoppable. What’s up with her lately? Letter F is right here to dig up more about her.


What makes you busy these days?

“These days I mostly did my song production, I’m now producing a new song and it’s gonna be something fresh and new from Gloria Jessica aka me. It’s a single first, and for an album? It’s classified (laugh). Though on 27th April, I released two singles, Luka yang Kecil and Setia. The latter was a recycle from Jikustik’s old song.”

How’s the preparation so far?

“After I surprisingly released the double singles, I’m making the upcoming song as something that is really bold. It’s challenging though, for me at least. It’s so much different from other songs and my previous image. The new Gloria Jessica is bolder and braver, even stronger. Because I want to have a reminder of who I am in every song that I release. This song, which titled Hold On, is the ‘hardest’ reminder for myself, or even for yourself. I just hope this song’s message is also delivered to you.”

You produced it by yourself?

“I wrote the lyrics myself and was helped by other producers. It took two time workshops and I straightly took the vocal on the second one. And so far, my producer, Iyup, is one of the best in his field. I’m not comparing anyone, I mean everyone has their plus points. But ever since this is out of my comfort zone, I felt a bit nervous when I was in the workshop, but finally I made it. The lyrics are relatable to our everyday life.”

Is it a new genre for Hold On?

“Nah, it’s actually still an Indonesian pop song. But I might call it urban pop.”

Is there a possibility for you to collab with other musician other than pop-singer?

“I might have. But I don’t know when, to be honest. This year is going to be full of surprises for me. And again, Hold On, is like my new step for ‘new genre of me’. I mean I want to try everything in my music. Art is limitless, so I won’t hold myself.”

Your ‘cup of tea’ kind of music?

“I listen to 90s rock music. Because I have three older brothers, so they’re like influencer to my music. It affects me a lot, in writing lyrics especially. Names like Oasis, Coldplay, even Guns ‘n Roses. And yet I also listen to another genre like R & B. So maybe I don’t have my special kind of genre. Anyway, folk music creeps into my heart for a long time ago. As for soloist, I really adore Kunto Aji. The way he presents his music is extraordinary – from the lyrics, melody, even his marketing are in sync. For female singer, I love Elda from Stars and Rabbit. She is like, ugh, perfect! I even cried when I heard her live on stage.”

Before you turn 30, what kind of achievement that you would like to achieve?

“As a singer? To be honest, I’m still a baby in this music industry. And when I got an award in Anugerah Planet Muzik in Singapore, I felt grateful with everything that I gained. But what I really want is for people to get the message of my music – through the lyrics, melody, and anything. That would be great for me, as a musician and singer.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Makeup Artist: Negla
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia

Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei

Location: Dirty Laundry Jakarta

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