Break the Wall: Axel Matthew Thomas

Being a 20-year-old adolescent who lives in London has enlightened Axel Matthew Thomas on street style. The first-born of Indonesian actor Jeremy Thomas and model Ina Indayanti, he is now currently studying in London while busy making and designing some clothes for his brand, Axel-Matthew. But actually, his interest isn’t limited only to the fashion scene. Since art is run deep in his veins – thanks to his parents’ genes, Axel now tries some music and singing. How can he split his mind into two different types of art? Let’s hear his thought on our special interview!

What’s your recent activity?

“Still busy designing and making clothes. And lately I’ve been making musing with Junkie Munkie.”

What’s your intention in making your own clothing line?

“It’s as simple as family thing. Like fashion runs deep in our family. I know how to design because of my mom and I just wanna make people happy by putting good clothes on. I don’t know, ‘cause my life is all about fashion. I hope I make the best clothes for my brand.”

What kind of identity that you want to represent with this brand?

“Basically I want people know about my brand which emphasizes street style. Like I want to introduce the style more in here. Cause I live in London where most of the youngster wear street style. I want to introduce the street style through my brand. People around my age are curious about this street style. And I spotted few people wore my clothes in London, and I think they look nice in it.”

Does Axel-Matthew only focus on local market?

“Right now, it’s still in Indonesia but some stores in London are selling it.”

Where does the inspiration come?

“I learned how to design and basically go deep into fashion because of my mom. She’s a creative designer and I’ve been drawing with her. She has been teaching me about fashion – everything about it. I know what to make and all the jazz because of her. Shout out to my mom, I love you!”

Growing up in a family who knows art and fashion well, can you share us your honest thought?

“I guess art is already a part of my life. All my family members – dad, mom and little sister, have been doing it. I was once trying acting before, but now I’m tryna keep calm with acting. I do more fashion, designing and stuff. That’s what I focus on right now.”

What’s the common obstacle that you find in order to grow your business?

“Nowadays, I’ve seen many competitors since people around my age also do this stuff. And I’m competing with them but with how far I go. I want to attract more people, whether it’s youngsters or above. I want to show them the nowadays’ kind of fashion.”

Describe your brand in three words.

“It must be details, embroidery, and handmade.”

If someday you could have collaboration with big names, who would it be??

“I’m not sure but one of the inspirations for my collections is Bathing Ape. I questioned myself every day on how could I make the dope design like them? I talked a lot with my mom too before I decided things. She was like, ‘Matt why don’t you do something like that but everything will be handmade and broidery.’ But if I was about to having a collab with big brand, I don’t know, but I hope it’d be Louis Vuitton.”

And you recently made music with Junkie Munkie. How was your first attempt to jump into music scene?

“It was my first time singing ever. I was pretty nervous because I had never done this before. Honestly I don’t even know how I went to music. But yeah, I had a good experience of making music because I just realized I could do it. My dad introduced me to Mark, I never met him before. Since a couple months ago he was busy meeting Mark and he told me that ‘I met Mark and he was good on making music, so why didn’t you make something new?’ Then I thought that I was pretty new in this designing thing, and why can’t I try all this stuff? Making music turned out pretty fun and I’m down to do it again. I hope to make some good music again in the near future. And Junkie Munkie is a really talented guy – he has gotten me into music real deep.”

You have fashion and music under your sleeve, do you want to get deeper in music or maybe you just gonna stay on your lane in fashion?

“I can do both, perhaps? I’m not in a rush right now, though. I can still design while try making music. And hey that’s what I’ve been doing lately. And I think I’ve been doing it right.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Photographer: Ganang Arfiardi

Makeup Artist: Fadilah Putri
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia
Location: Woolloo Mooloo Jakarta

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