Breakfasting on the Street? No Problem!

Let’s admit it – we’re all busy-bees who will spend more breakfasting moments on the street instead of home! Here’s our recommended venues for joyful breakfasting moment while you’re on the road.




Pasar Benhil
Who doesn’t know Pasar Benhil? Located in Bendungan Hilir, the market switched into Ramadan street market once a year. You can enjoy varieties of menu from the classic takjil to dimsun, from appetizer, to main food that will satiate your palate after a long day of fasting. The parking lot is quite spacious, no we promise you, no drama while searching for a place to park.


Pasar Pagi Rawamangun
East Jakartans, no worries! You have your very own Pasar Pagi Rawamangun that’s famous for its refreshing beverages in the likes of iced coconut to cendol durian. One of the most sought-after food here is lemang, since it’s not an easy item to be found during ordinary days.


Masjid Sunda Kelapa
What we love about this place (even tough the varieties of menu isn’t as much as other markets) is the Maryam Bream and lots takjil. You should come early because their parking lot capacity isn’t so large but on the other hands, you can conveniently do the tarawih after breakfasting here.



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