Brie Larson Went Bankrupt Before Captain Marvel

Who would have imagined that behind the strong-looking Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson lays a history nobody ever knows about?

The 29-year-old actress admitted a surprising fact through one of her interviews with Willie Geist on Sunday Today. She mentioned that before she got the role, she’s been bankrupt few times and for her the role from Marvel Studios was an act of God.
The light was first came to her through her Oscar movie—Room, however even before Room she was almost got bankrupt too.
“I have been bankrupt many times. When you look at it, like it makes sense, or my IMDB page might look consistent, but obviously there is a big gap with three daily auditions – still. Even before The Room came out, I was almost confused. That hasn’t been too long,” said Brie as quoted by Bang Showbiz.
The effect of Captain Marvel has been impacting her even before the movie was even released, Larson mentioned that the movie taught her to become stronger and how to be steadfast with her stance, herself, and her opinions even more.
As the movie required a portrayal of a strong woman with strong mentality and physical endurance, Larson had to work harder in order. Hitting the gym for every single day in 9 months, Larson was basically trained to “max out” her strength. And those 9 months straight in hitting the gym, Larson can now exhale as Captain Marvel topped the weekend box office for its second week in a row and has reportedly posted over USD760 million worldwide, within just 12 days. Not a bad day for Larson at all, folks, not a bad day.


Source: Sindonews

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