Brief View of Modern Day Working Girl

Life isn’t as simple as counting 1, 2, 3, any girl who lives in the city knows this by heart. We come and go in 24 hours doing all the bits and bobs in the name of work. But the good side? We know how to do it in style.

azalea modern day working girl (2)

From going to work, having lunch meetings, exercising in between, little bit of dating, and of course showing up in social events, one does not simply go out in a regular outfit. We wake up to the sounds of bustling horns making their way to every work station. Catching up and following up clients’ needs or bosses’ orders in between, yet we all still know how to arrive in style.

azalea modern day working girl (1)

Tips for you: don’t overdress, don’t over accessorize, be simple with a twist of the perfect ootd working gal with Azale. From the way their blouses flows makes every woman who wears it feels special. The material used is to compliment the body. It underlines the feminine silhouette, yet also gives such a bold statement through its modern take. Make sure to browse Azalea at

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