Brings Back the Fun on this Rainy Season!

Do you even realize that we’re slowly heading to the rest of the year? It’s already September and in a week, October welcomes us. In Southeast Asian countries, October is the start of rainy season. For some people, raining season is a better time to spend your vacant hours at home. But for some other, spending it at home can be boring. Here we give you options for fun things to do during the gloomy season.

Make Your Own Bubble Bath – It’s a perfect time to slip into a soothing bath with your own moisturizing soap.

Create a Recipe Book – Mom knows best and all you have to do is ask and practice with her. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Bake Some Pastry – Do you know that hot pastry and hot tea are a match made in heaven? Now, you know.

Pamper Yourself – Do a little spa therapy with homemade scrub, or deep treatment for your hair with another homemade hair mask.

Reading Book at Your Fave Coffee Shop – Book. A cuppa coffee. Rain. If those ain’t your secret paradise, we don’t know what would it be.

Shopping for Your Rain-Ready Stuffs – Rain shouldn’t stop you for being active. Arm yourself with cute rain gear like umbrella, raincoat, or waterproof cases for your bags. It would be fun!

Yeah, don’t let rainy season keep you from being stylish! Bring back your comfy hoodie or long coat to keep you warm. Or, you can buy trendy raincoat-ish long jacket that available at The F Thing.





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