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The gold medalist jet-ski racers are brought to fame thanks to their hard work in every competition they competed in, Aero and Aqsa Aswar. Now for those who aren’t familiar, Aero is the eldest, while Aqsa is Aero’s younger brother. The siblings have started doing jet-ski since they were just three years old.

Fast forward years later, they made it as the youngest racers in Pro and Grand Prix competition in 2012. Aero first competed in 2008’s Asian Beach Games in Bali, second competition earned him a gold medal at the 2nd Asian Beach Games 2010 in Muscat, Oman – making him the youngest athlete who ever won in the competition. Four years later, Aero got his two US National Champion Title for Pro Runabout Open and Stock Categories, World Title at the IJSBA World Finals in Pro Runabout Stock, and his second Gold Medal at the 4th Asian Beach Games held in Phuket, Thailand. Aqsa, on the other hand, won a gold medal for Indonesia during the 2018 Asian Games, completing 400 points in comparison with Thailand’s Supathat Foottrakul 368 points.

Well, that was one full breath of listing their achievements. Bear in mind, that Aero is only 24 years old and Aqsa is 21 years old. Pretty sure the two have a lot under their sleeves for future medals.

Now that we’ve listed down all of your medals, let’s talk about something else: what don’t people know about you?
Aqsa: “I’d like people to know that we both have good personalities, we’re good friends and we love to have a good time with our close friends.”
Aero: “And the fact that we both love sports in general that maybe made us to be very competitive in that as well. We do many things other than jet-ski, we do basketball, taekwondo and many other things as well. For taekwondo, both of us are already honored with the black belts so yeah, we do it pretty seriously.”
Aqsa: “And we’re good at them as well.”
You’ve been doing jetski most of your life, but if it weren’t for jet-ski, what would you most likely going to do?
Both: “We’d like to be businessmen; we’re not sure at what field we’d like to aim though, however, as we’re entering the digital world, I think we might do some businesses related to the technology and using our digital platform to promote the business.”

 Since you both are athletes, how do you manage to stay in shape when you’re off duties as athletes?
Aqsa: “The best way to do it is by limiting the cheat days, I think three times in a month is more than enough to stay in shape. Other than that, we can’t skip a day without going to the gym, usually when we’re preparing ourselves for a competition, we’d have an intense session at the gym, but when we’re off duties, we can cut some parts but still not skipping a day without it.”

“Yeah, before we’re competing in a tournament we’re usually preparing ourselves intensely, and it’s totally different with our daily routines when we’re off duties. We started having these sessions for about 2-3 months before the competition and we look for our dietary as well. For instance, we stay in low carbs to no carbs at all; we maintain the consumption of high protein and we’re sometimes doing fasting as well.”

You’ve got gold and silver medals for the last Asian games, what is the next target?
Both: “World champion that’s for sure, we both aim the first rank definitely.”
The journey to be champions must not be easy for you both, what was the worst moment that you had to go through as athletes, and how did you pass that phase?

“I try not to look at it as a bad day, instead use it to motivate me to do better at the next season or next competition. It’s been planted in my head to always keep my head high and not to give up easily.”

Aero: “I’ve been in that phase before, there was one time where I only got one trophy in a whole year and it’s not even the first rank, I was on the fifth. It was the worst feeling ever for me personally and I came to a point where I just want to give up and started to see anything negatively in the following year. However, I come to think that maybe it’s just not my time yet and it’s true. The next year after that, I escalated my rank to the third in the world, and I’m so grateful for that.”

Aqsa: “Whenever we lost at a competition, we always think that maybe this is not our time yet, so we can do better next time.”
Since you’re siblings and also athletes in the same category, how do you maintain your broship to stay in good terms?
Aqsa: “When we compete, there’s no sibling rivalty between us. But behind the scenes, we always hang out together because we have the same circle of friends as well.”
Aero: “Yeah, but once we take off our helmets we stop being competitors, even with the other racers, we’re all friends outside of the field. A part from that, we’re actually very supportive toward one another, we don’t envy other’s success, and instead we root for each other.”
Aqsa: “For us, it’s better to see one of us is winning rather than none, hence we don’t necessarily feel the need to be jealous to other’s trophies.”

Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: We Are the Future in White, We Are the Future in Black, all available The F Thing

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