BTS and UNICEF Released Anti-Bullying Video for International Friendship Day

BTS and UNICEF are ready to hold everyone together for the International Friendship Day with the anti-bullying video.

In celebration of the International Friendship Day on July 30th, BTS and UNICEF released a video to support #ENDviolence around school.

The KPop legends, BTS has always been actively promoting self-love and self-acceptance through their Love Yourself campaign and numerous songs of theirs, and this time they want the world to direct their attention to the violence around school. The video shows the stories of bullying in school and wrapped with BTS’ self-loving song, Answer: Love Myself.
As the lyrics go ‘You’ve shown me I have reasons I should love myself,’ the video shows how anyone can help the victims just by being kind toward one another.
The group of seven wonders, BTS is all about encouraging every living person out there to always find a way to love ourselves. Releasing Love Yourself campaign back in 2017 and speaking up at the UN General Assembly, BTS has been continuously supporting the act of self-acceptance and self-love through their songs and lyrics. According to UNICEF every two out of three kids have experienced violence at school, and that is why BTS are calling on young people to brighten someone’s day with kindness, as part of UNICEF’s campaign #ENDviolence.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim







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