BTS Collaborated with Starbucks Korea for a Charity Campaign

BTS collaborated with Starbucks Korea for the Be The Brightest Stars campaign which will begin on January 21, 2020. The collaboration made RM and other members become the first celebrity groups to partner with Starbucks.

In this collaboration, they will give a purple candle to ARMYs who buy special menus at Starbucks., purple candles will be given until supplies run out. Meanwhile, there are five menus that were presented specifically for this campaign. As for the menu to choose from, they are purple star cupcake, purple berry cheesecake, blueberry star macaron, vanilla star macaron, and purple star pound cake. Purple berry cheesecakes and macarons will include the BTS chocolate logo.
Purple candles will also include a logo and a purple color, which signifies ARMY, as fans of the boys. Later, all proceeds from this promotion will be donated to the Youth Independence Project. However, other merchandise regarding this campaign is still unknown.
“These products from the campaign are usually limited editions so there is a higher percentage of consumer sales. Many people enjoy this hard-to-get product because it can also be shared through social media,” said Starbucks Korea.
Source: Sindonews

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