BTS Kicks off Their Newest Project with Armypedia

Receiving love and support from their fans all over the globe, BTS is making an adventure specially made for their fans.

Armypedia—as what they called the project, is a digital archive filled with the memories of BTS from their debut days till now. Debuting on June 13th 2013, BTS began their journey from a fetus group to become the AMA’s winner in 2018, BTS has gone through so many things in 5 years of their career and all of them are wrapped carefully in Armypedia.

According to the official website, Armypedia is a puzzle hunt events in which the fans have to work together to find all of the pieces as they are scattered all over the world. Every piece of the puzzle refers to some certain dates with a QR code on it, the fans has to scan the code to seek what’s inside the puzzle.

The journey has started on February 25th and the fans can gather the codes for four weeks after it started. Once all the puzzle pieces are found, Armypedia will be completed and there will be special rewards for the army depending on their level of the participation.
So are you ready to puzzle hunt, Army?


Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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