BTS is taking Khalid for Another Collaboration

Coming back to the US for the BBMAs Award and a tour, the worldwide boyband sensation got to meet a lot of A-list singers and bands, resulting in many love-calls for collaboration on the waiting list—including the Eastside singer—Khalid.

Never failed at blowing up the world’s minds by the power of their music and fandom, BTS always grabs more and more recognition throughout the years. This time during their visit to the states for the BBMAs and their brand new tour called Speak Yourself, BTS mentioned a list of musicians that they want to collaborate with in the future and just today RM—the leader of the group confirming the brand new collaboration that is already on the way to the 102.7 Kiss FM.
Through their short interview with Jojo Wright, RM finally releasing the news that has been waiting for so long by their ARMY fans which is the group’s new collaboration with Khalid. BTS and Khalid have already met since three years ago at the BBMas in 2016, and apparently the boys have been keeping in touch since then. For the collaboration, RM wanted the fans to stay tune for more information about their collaboration cause it is already on the way.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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