BTS V and Jungkook Amaze the Fans with Their Bizarre Synchronization

It’s no longer a secret that BTS’ members have a strong brotherhood between each other.

As you may have seen from many of their contents that they shared, the seven of them proved that blood is indeed thicker than a mere water. With that being said, it’s only natural for them to manifest each other’s personalities into theirs as they have spent more than 7 years together—from living in a one studio apartment all the way to live in the most expensive villa complex in Seoul. The boys have each other’s backs to go through thick and thin.
Being in a group that require dance to most of their songs have made them naturally move in sync, and the synchronization can’t stop amazes the fans, especially the youngest two of the group, BTS V and Jungkook. These two have showcased their bizarre synchronization that not only happening when they dance, but basically anything that they do.


The way they disagree at things

When they dance that you won’t believe there’re two persons in this video

Even when they blink, they do it at the same time, crazy eh?

Only God knows how they share the same brain cells to the point making the same expression unconsciously

Many fans were amazed at how in sync these two are,  a fan made a compilation of their twins movements, and it’s pretty mind-blowing

This behavior is often mirrored to what we called as Chameleon effect, a non-conscious mimicry of the postures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and other behaviors of one’s interaction partners or one’s current social environment. Although these habits need further discussions, Jungkook himself was once admitted that he’s indeed the manifest of the six older brothers he’s living with (BTS).
On one of the episodes of Burn the Stage, the recently turned-23-year-old, Jungkook admitted that he was a very shy person in the past before meeting BTS’ V who helped him break from his shell.
“The six guys were always around me. So what I see, feel and learn are mostly from the members. They’re a huge influence.The guys filled me in one by one. And I think, maybe that’s how I became what I’m now. I could be a manifestation of all their characters coming together. I think the guys put my puzzle pieces together. They put the scattered pieces of my puzzle together.” said Jungkook on BTS’ documentary, Burn the Stage.
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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