Business Talks with the President of Broadway Group Jakarta

Established in 2010, Broadway Group Jakarta started out as an event organizer that was initially called as Broadway Entertainment, helping to organize events around Jakarta and Bali. They usually helped organize prom nights, music festivals, brand launching, and government events. From Lei Lo to Ms Jackson, which by the way won The F Thing’s award for Best Venue Partner, Letter F sat down with the man of the hour, the President of Broadway Group himself: William Ernest Silanoe.

In 2016, Broadway Entertainment changed name to Broadway Group Jakarta, expanding their business focuses to three different fields: F&B, hospitality, and event organizer. A year later, the group established their milestone in the hospitality with Cabana Surf & Stay in Krui, Lampung. 2018 marked the year where the group launched Pasti Pesta Pora to manage F&B sector, from restaurants to bars.

You’ve started young in the business industry, but we can tell right away that this is your passion. Perhaps you can share the vision and mission of Broadway Group?

“Firstly, our vision is to be the benchmark venture for the development in the business and leisure industry in Indonesia. In order to reach the particular vision, we maintain three missions – first being to maximize the potentials in the related sectors, we look forward to have break throughs all presented challenges ahead. Secondly, we build our business sustainably, we make continuous improvements to stay relevant in terms of business models. Last, we always give mutual partnerships for the stakeholders.”
From F&B, music festivals, and now expanding to the hospitality management, any plans you’d like to share to our readership?

“Just for Letter F, I’m going to give a little bit of teaser for our plan next year. We are planning to open a brand new nightclub in Jakarta. Since the nature of Ms Jackson is bar and lounge, we decided to have a proper night club for Jakartans, we’re going to name it: SuperClub.”

Is F&B Broadway’s main focus for now?
“We receive great feedbacks for our F&B venues, so perhaps we would like to still serve and give more efforts into the industry. It ranges from lounges, restaurants, and clubs.”
As the President of Broadway Group, do you still recall the first or at least the most memorable event or moment for you personally?
“There are tons, I think. In 2013, we hosted a music festival event called Neverland. In December 2014, we also hosted LOTS (Local Trade Society). We also have hosted a debate contest in 13 countries in Asia Pacific. Also, we have Jackson All-Star where we bring local artists for 7 days straight. If I have to choose one as the most memorable one, I would say Neverland music festival.”
Top three words that best describes Broadway Group Jakarta?

“Idea makers, we try to constantly come up with new ideas and deliver new stuff to keep our customers up-to-date. The second one is problem solver, we try to solve problems in Indonesia, especially in the leisure industry. For example, most Indonesians still see nightlife as a negative thing, while it’s actually can be regarded as something positive. Last one is pushing boundaries, we always try to push our limit. We always innovate and improve in order to stay ahead in this industry.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Location: Lei Lo Jakarta

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