Style to Track: Chris Evans

Has been blessing the fans’ eyes with his ethereal visual for the past eight years as Captain America, Christopher Robert Evans is ready to step up his game and leave his well known role for good.

According to his personal Twitter account, Chris has wrapped his last scenes as Steve Rogers on Avengers 4. “It was an emotional day to say the least,” said Chris online.
The farewell message was engraved with his gratitude for the role and opportunity to join the Marvel family. The fans hurriedly replying the actor’s tweet with various kind of sad memes and crying gifts–some of them even taking his tweet as a hint of the movie.
Regardless on his decision to part ways with the marvel family, Chris is obviously more than being a Steve Rogers. The 38 year-old actor is currently challenging himself as a director and a Broadway actor. Chris released his first ever movie that he directed himself called Before We Go in which he also starred in the movie in 2014 and made his Broadway debut as Bill in a play called Lobby Heroes in 2018.
As someone who acts for a living, Chris has made a lot of attempts over his part as an actor in front of the camera and despite being a public figure for most of his time, Chris always values his private life the most. Here are some glimpses of how the actor looks like in his off-duty days:
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Steal His Style!
Look 2
Steal His Style!
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Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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