Captain Marvel vs Superman: Who’s More Powerful?

While the first images for “Captain Marvel” didn’t break the Internet as Brie Larson initially promised, it did spark a debate about whether or not the most powerful superheroine on the Marvel universe and could take on DC’s top gun, Superman.

Captain Marvel can absorb and project energy, has super strength, flight, durability and stamina. But Superman is regarded as the quintessential superhero—being known as the Man of Steel with incredibly vast superpowers. Who’s more powerful? ?

Captain Marvel has vast superpowers—including super-strength, stamina, durability, flight, energy generation and energy absorption. She could put Hulk and Thor in their place. And as the post-credit scene of “Infinity War” indicated, Carol Danvers is expected to be a key figure in saving the day in upcoming fourth “Avengers” movie.

Superman may have helped popularize comics, but Captain Marvel is getting her due and is the future powerhouse for superhero stories. Check out the debate below!


#TeamSuperman because the Godfather of Superheroes, Man of Steel “stands for truth, justice, and the American way,” and he’s pretty much irrepressible.

Many have tried to stop him, but Superman is gifted with incredible abilities by the Earth’s yellow sun. This includes invulnerability, superhuman strength, flight, super-speed, durability, heat vision, x-ray vision, microscopic and telescopic vision, superhuman hearing, freeze breath, and the ability to generate gale-force winds with his breath. But his greatest superpower is hope.

He’s not only the most powerful in the DC universe but in comics, period. ☕️?

What do you think, guys?
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