Chacha Frederica on Eid, Fashion, and Her Personal Pilgrimage

Celebrating the final week of Ramadan and in conjunction of welcoming Eid-Al Fitr, The F Thing has teamed up with Indonesia’s own talented actress who recently chose to wear a hijab, Chacha Frederica. Collaborating with our own in-house brands, Lovo Clothing and NOHO The Label, Chacha aptly exudes such finesse and modesty of a woman.


How’s your perception on hijab fashion scene in Indonesia today?

Nowadays, more and more people are eager to wear hijab – they don’t get intimidated since we have many choices today. It’s a great way to spread the message of Islam around; but keep in mind; we should stick to the shar’i rules.

Then, can you share your previous experience in adapting to hijab?

I didn’t go to the closet and throw away all my previous wardrobes, of course. Well, unless for a few items that is too revealing or tight. I still keep some of my clothing with cut-outs, as long as it can be worn with inner.

Can you share the story behind your decision to wear hijab?

It’s quite a long process; there are three years’ time I spent reading lots of literatures and references on Islamic history, comparative religions and all about the meanings behind Koran and hijab. I realized then, as a Muslim, I rarely read the Koran; maybe just once a week, or even a month? Even if I had read it, I didn’t study further about it, or practiced it in real life.  And many Muslims out there are the same. So I decided that understanding Koran is not about how many verses I’ve read but how far the Koran can touch my heart and change my life.

What are your tips for our readers, who perhaps are considering switching to hijab lifestyle right now?

It depends on your personal concept, whether you’d like to exude a romantic vibe, edgy attitude or your simplistic nature – it’s all in your hands. But don’t forget to consider your height, body and face shape, and the width of your waist and hip. Adjust your hijab style accordingly, so your look will still be gracious and nice.

In your opinion, what are the best accessories to be worn with hijab fashion?

I choose ring as the best accessory right now as it can be both an investment and an instrument of sharing with others. I’m inspired by one of the Islamic figures who gave ring to the poor after finishing prayer in the mosque. So I view ring as a very noble accessory for Islamic ladies out there.

So, what will be your look this Eid?

My Eid outfit this year is a white dress with gold details. White symbolizes my prayer as I’m trying to cleanse myself this Ramadan; I know, I have my mistakes, but I’m trying my best to be better, to be pure. I want my heart and my mind to be ‘white’ this Eid. The color gold, in my perspective, symbolizes glory of Islam and prosperity. May Allah bless us so we can walk in His path and become blessings for others.

How do you stay this positive, especially when facing negative comments on social media?

I view netizen’s mean comments as my redemption. I just wish those who commented or spoke negatively on me will find their better way in life and I wish those mean words become my redemption, as I also had talked negatively in the past and may hurt others’ feelings.

What’s your key of maintaining a prime look during the whole Eid day?

First, think about your activity for the whole day – if you’ll stay in an air-conditioned room all day long, or if you live in a cooler climate, just wear warmer clothes. On the contrary, if your day will be dominated by outdoor activities, visiting many houses of the relatives, make sure your clothing is made of sweat-proof material, such as cotton. If you have many people to visit the whole day, make sure to stock like 2-3 outfits inside the car so you can switch it in the afternoon. It doesn’t have to be new clothes as the goal is to keep fresh, clean and fragrant.


@lovothelabel x @thefthingworld
Interview @oliphviola
Photographer @kevinaulia
Videographer @ysfmuchtar
Stylist @carolinemeliala
Makeup artist @nadiarenata_makeupartist

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