Chanel Runway Has Been Breached

Last night, the iconic french fashion house held a Spring Summer 2020 at the Grand Palais. The decor itself is a tribute to Paris, with rooftop and chimneys hanging on the runways as if the models are walking ontop of them.

 After the passing of Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, the honour goes to Virginie Viard. She envision a line-up of youthful looks inspired by the atmosphere of “Nouvelle Vague”.  The collection itself is filled with Chanel signature tweeds in shape of rompers, suit, short pants and many more. The color palette also reflects Parisian Chic as they bring back Jeans and Sunset Orange, all together with white, blue and red stripes.
Interesting thing about the show is that one Parisian Youtube Vlogger decided to crash the runway posing as a model wearing full Coco Chanel-inspired Look. She later identified as 28-years-old Marie Benoliel. While the show is going and security cant seem to handle the situation, Gigi Hadid is there for the rescue. The talented model confronted Marie and escort her off the runway before things go south.
Watch the footage of her being confronted and escorted by Gigi here.
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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