Cheapskate’s Ways to Experience Snowy Holiday (with No Visa Needed!)

Hey tropical birds! Yes, we understand, for us who live in Indonesia, snow is a luxurious, abstract concept that we can only imagine since our childhood. But now that we’re all grown up, it’s time to see the wondrous nature for real. Tight budget? No probs! Here’s our list of countries with big chance of snow, in which you can enter without visa!


1. Japan


In case you haven’t heard it yet, Japan has officially released us from its previous mandatory visa requirement, as long as we’re using the latest version of e-passport. Your visa-free journey here can be extended up to 15 days. Just make sure you visit the country between December-March.

2. Vietnam


Vietnam is one the rare tropical countries who have snowy winter, usually occurs between January-February. The snow here isn’t as thick as those in Europe, but still a playful experience for us. We can stay in the country without visa for a month.

3. Morocco


The country is identical to its deserts and exotic beach – but Morocco proves that Middle-eastern can also enjoy their own snowy holiday! Go to the Ifrane region – dubbed as the Switzerland of Morocco, it can reach minus 24 degrees! Enjoy your stay as long as you can, its visa-free policy is extended up to 90 days.

4. Turkey


The Turks have their snow between December to February, and actually, they applies Visa on Arrival for its tourists. Yes, we’ll have to pay for visa at the airport, but at the cost of only 35 USD (around Rp 500.000) – and its cheaper if you use e-Visa dan pay via credit card (USD 25.7). To enjoy snow there, you’ll have to embark to the eastern part of Turkey, such as Erzurum.


5. Belarus


Since February 2017, the ex-Soviet country has released us from mandatory visa for tourism! You don’t even need a Schengen visa, and it applies for 5 days.  Now that how you get to Europe without visa!

6. Chile


They’re located near the equator, yet Chile has its own snowy perks! You can enjoy the magnificent charm of southern America without visa. Playing ski on the Andes Mountain? No need to be in rush, since its visa-free policy can be extended up to 90 days.

Soource: Mister Aladin

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