Check out These 2018 Trends Predictions

Are you obsessed with what would be the trending topic of 2018? Judging from the first three months of the year, it seems more likely, we won’t see much difference in terms of fashion, technology, lifestyle, and music and movie.



It’s not really hard to predict what  fashion trends that will be everywhere this year. Starting from the fashion week, big designers already predicted the trend during their previous Spring 2018 collection. Cool and edgy attires that scream boho, floral pattern dress, ultra violet color which follow the Pantone’s hue, or lavender color that fits spring season, to the balloon sleves and bike shorts. Moreover, fringe with a touch of metallic materials and sheer fabrics on your dress or skirt will be the thing. And ready or not, plastic material and Crocs will dominate the year.


After hustle and bustle of Apple and Android new release in 2017, the tech trends will be spiced up with the 5G network preparation. And artificial intellegence machine and devices will be produced more with higher skill. We’ll see increased exposure on all these fronts through the year.


Besides many travel sites and countries that worth to visit, many boutique hotels with beautiful design will show its fangs. Plus, bookshop slash coffee shop will be spread out in the big cities, as well as the comfort working space. And for you, yes you, the workout enthusiast, a workout-friendly furniture will be your thing in 2018.

Music and Movie

Music in 2018? We’ll hear lots of fresh sound and wide open-field for the upstart. Streaming sites, social media popularity and global attention will be the three highest spotlights for the artists. Boy bands, Latino songs or singers, to the female RnB artists will show off their best in 2018. For the movie scene itself, superhero franchise movies, movies sequels, festival indie movies  and another box movies with a high-grossing profit will remain everyone’s favorite this year.

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