Cheers to Tyrrell Winston, NY Artist Who Turns Trash Into Art

The Brooklyn-based artist elevates garbages of NYC into aesthetically-pleasing sculptures.


He uses cigarette butts, deflated basketballs, ruined nets and many more. More to it, the art itself has a social aspect to it as well – he literally cleaning the street as he collects the items. “This work cannot exist without the immediate exchange of old and new… it’s equal parts community service and arts,” he stated.
These are the pics from his solo show at La Cité gallery in Paris.

And here some recaps about whar inspires him:
On trash such as cigarette butts,
He feel that the component of his work is embedded with history. But the history itself has no connection with him – it’s abstract. A cigarette butt will be left by someone outside the bar without us knowing who, and what about it before it was found. On the other hand, he has everything to do with them because he was able to elevate the reluctant garbage into a unavoidable and attention seeking piece.
On basketball and cigarette,
“They have a lot more in common than one would think just by looking at them for the first time.” For him, both objects involve with air. “Cigarettes take the air out of the room, and in basketball air is a symbol of hope – you have to have air in the ball.”
Why he uses these medium,
“I was frustrated because I was doing a lot of stuff with drug paraphernalia I’d find downtown and in my neighborhood.” For him cigarettes are one of the most socially accepted social ills while it was actually awful and a lot worse than some drugs. Not that he support or glorifying drug use. “ I find that chasm extremely fascinating and also tragic. But then, I didn’t want to be known as the drug artist.”
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim



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