Chic Cousins in Action: Shalvynne and Sasi Chang

Still in the celebration an exciting collab between Lovò x Jessica Priscilla, Letter F had a fun photoshoot with Shalvynne and Sasi Chang. Both are cousins who looked very chic during the event on April 10th, 2017. Both are fashion influencers, Shalvynne loves everything classic, whilst Sasi loves casual vibes. Let’s get to know the two gorgeous ladies!

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What are your current activities? And could you share us your exciting upcoming projects?

Shalvynne: “I am currently working in my family business, we are in the metal fabrication industry. It’s a very industrial business, we’re dealing with a lot of heavy machineries. And we are driving into architectures and designs at the moment. I’m also doing my certification for early childhood education, because my future goal is to establish a place for kids to learn and to be able to explore what they want in life.”

Sasi: “Aside from being a dog trainer, I’m gonna be starting to sell t-shirts for my brand merchandise and looking for expansion—but that’s in the future. The brand itself is gonna be a comfortable t-shirt with just my logo in an artistic interpretation of my logo. So it’ll just offer people comfortable clothes with a chic overall look. Plus, 10% of the revenue is gonna be donated to the dog shelter, so it’s a charity as well.”

“And my future plan is actually to find a location and open my own training and cafe facility where I can be able to host events and do group activities. I feel that it’s a good way for communities to know each other because there is not much options here in Jakarta. I wanna offer people a reliable place for that opportunity where people can put their dogs safely with me.”

Sasi is wearing Desarae Top in Green

Sasi is wearing Desarae Top in Green

If you were to define yourself to those who want to get to know both of you, what would you describe to them?

Shalvynne: “I’m actually a bubbly person, I’m quite friendly I guess. I’m a homebody. I don’t really go out that much, especially with Jakarta traffic, I choose to just stay at home and chill with my dog, or watch movies.”

Sasi: “I went to University of California, Davis and I took animal science for my bachelor degree, and I majored in livestocks. But after I graduated, I just looked for any job and I got offered of this job in a dog day care and training facilities. I learned a lot from a person who owns it, he taught me a lot about the way that I would handle dogs today.”

Shalvynne is wearing Caresse Top

Shalvynne is wearing Caresse Top

Despite your educational background and job, you both have one similarity: a fashion enthusiast. So, what does fashion mean to you?


“Fashion is a patform for you to express yourself in any sort of way. There’s no right or wrong in fashion, I don’t think fashion has boundaries. So it’s just a form of expression on how you want to put yourself out there or the world.”

Sasi: “Fashion to me is a way that you can express yourself, that’s why I feel like anyone can dress any way they want because it’s just an expression. It is something that I would do to be able to express myself and be comfortable in it. I would love to look in a certain way because I want to.”

“But if it’s not comfy, I won’t do that. Fashion, for me, is a broad sense that you can express yourself in many different ways.”

Since your job is a completely different field from fashion, when exactly did you discover your love towards fashion?


“I am quite a curious person, and I’m an open person that loves to learn anything that I could. I’ve been working for my family ever since I was in college, and a little bit when I studied in Australia. And when I came back, I dealt with a lot of entertainment business. After few years, I focused myself on my own family business.”

“I think fashion is just a fun area for me to grow and learn that is out of ordinary. Of course, fashion is going to be my passion and it’s going to be something that I love. But I’m just open for all kind of things for me to learn.”

Shalvynne is wearing Blanche Top

Shalvynne is wearing Blanche Top


“I think deep down every girl has something for fashion. Like when you go shopping, you practically are interested in fashion. The difference is whether you focus in it or not. Having a good outfit and comfortable choice of clothes, I think I wanna make my own thing. I do what I like, in the way what I want to be. I have to create my own fashion.”

Your thoughts about fashion industry in Indonesia?

Shalvynne: “I think it’s grown so much. Of course it’s like any other countries, we have a lot of influences by the capital fashion industry.”

“And I appreciate now that we have many local brands that are already recognizable by international fashion industry. A lot young designers to be appreciated at the moment that are crafting such innovative clothes. Local brands depends on their personal aesthetic of the brand. Stick to the character of the brand and the vision itself. To stay authentic is very important.”

Sasi: “Since I never grew up in Indonesia, I just got back here in one year, so it’s very different lifestyle here for me. In here, I feel like people put so much effort on daily basis. I like the simple clothing more.”

So, what is your signature style?

Shalvynne: “Mine would be just clean and simple. I don’t really like things that are too trendy, I guess. I like classic pieces that are timeless. A good pair of blazer is one of it, because I know people will use it from time to time. Or a good leather jacket. Those are what I try to invest in.”

Sasi: “I like something simple. So dressed up in shirt and pant is my ultimate fashion sense for days. That’s for my daily wear. I’m very sensitive about my ankle so I feel like wearing pants to cover it. And I have a broad shoulder, so I don’t like to wear something that expose it. So it’s perfect to make me feel comfortable.”

Shalvynne is wearing Alecia Top

Shalvynne is wearing Alecia Top

What is your fave fashion pieces and beauty stuffs that you always wear?

Shalvynne: “Definitely outerwear like jacket. I like the fur one although it’s bad. For beauty stuffs, I wear face mist a lot. Especially in here, we spent most of our day indoor with AC, so it’s kinda bad for our skin. That’s why I wear it to dehydrate my skin.”

Sasi: “Shirts and pants all the way! Pants, not jeans. For beauty stuff that I never forget to wear is eyeliner, eyebrow, and bronzer. And eyelid tape!”

As one of the hosts for Lovo Season 6, what do you think about the collection and the event itself?

Shalvynne: “I really appreciate it because it’s really exclusive and they keep it small and simple. It’s really important for the hosts or the guests to communicate with the designers. It was really, really nice to meet Valen, Lysia and Jessica also, and discuss about the new collection. In a way, it felt really special.”

Sasi: “As my first time seeing Lovo Collection, so I think it’s very different. It’s really unique, but it’s also very related to Indonesian’s sense of fashion. It’s delicate.”

Sasi is wearing Desarae Top in Black

Sasi is wearing Desarae Top in Black

Watch a quick question video with these chic cousins in here!

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Danny Kurniawan Nugroho (@dannykn)
Stylist: Hilarius Matthew
MUA&Hairdo: Nadia Renata
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa
Wardrobe: Lovò x JP, available at
Location: Sasi’s Apartment

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