Chillout Session with Mantra Vutura

The two met in kindergarten and has since shared the same hobby in music. To Zakari Danubrata and Tristan Juliano, Mantra Vutura aims not to plunge into the mainstream market.

But that’s where their curiosity-turned-passion remains consistent: to create non-mainstream music that is accepted by listeners.

So, we gotta congratulate on your duet with Danilla Riyadi in “Biar” though. But before all that, what is the story behind Mantra Vutura?
Tristan: “We started since 2017 where we took a music course in Double Deer. Funny story though, cause we initially thought that Double Deer Music was a music store, but it’s actually a place that provides an outlet for music enthusiasts, including a digital music production course. So yeah, it started as a learning process, but then we decided to continue this to something further into more productive projects, that’s how Mantra Vutura was born.”
Zaki: “We used to have a band and played for small gigs in high school events. Then we thought that we need to take it further, and so we decided to take a music course in Double Deer Music.”
The themes to your songs are mostly chill, is that the kind of vibe you’d like to create to your listeners?
Zaki: “In our first EP that we released in 2017, we tried to be deep in our songs. We talked about unusual stuff from God’s creations, space, and whatnot. Our newest album is called Human where we focused on the seven type of human’s kindness.”

“We tried not to write love songs. Simply cause we’d just get curious on how would it feel to write songs about something distinct and how people would perceive. Would be fun to explore a genre that we never did before.”

How do you describe your genre then?

“When we started this, we were hoping that people’s reaction would resonate to being grateful to the universe. But when it comes to collab, we like to explore different genres. So I don’t think we can classify one genre for Mantra Vutura. Fusion? Perhaps?”

That’s interesting. So what are the plans for Mantra Vutura in the future?
Tristan: “We just released our album with Bam Mastro, Danilla Riyadi, Agatha Priscilla, Luise Najib, and Elda Suryani from Stars and Rabbit. And for next year, we wish to have a continuous album from this album. And cause our theme in this album is about humans, in the future we would want to write about the omnipresence.”
What’s your goal as Mantra Vutura?               

“Truthfully, I am inspired by Kunto Aji’s way to deliver his music. People would perceive his music not just as a music that you can listen anytime, but also as a music that radiates good aura that would make listeners feel good and forget their sorrow. That’s how I aspire my music to sound like. Tristan and I made Mantra Vutura with all of our hearts, so we hope that our listeners will receive our music well.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: Get Dirrty, Vercline, MENTLI, Bae, and Elders Company
Location: Goldstein, Jakarta

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