Chitter Chatter with Lolita Agustine

Having a career in the entertainment industry for 8 years is literally a blessing for this talkative girl. Lolita Agustine never thought that her life would be like today when she just visited Jakarta for her summer break back then. But right now, she is living her life. Been loving to talk, Lolita is now a well-known presenter and host. She got to do her passion in life with such an ecstatic heart. Let’s hear more about her in our fun sesh talk with the 26-year-old presenter.


What makes you busy these days?
“Presenting, hosting, doing my hobby – exercising, playing with my dog. And travelling.”

Share us the story on how you suddenly jumped to entertainment industry!
“Back in 2010 I was still in college in my hometown Malang. I went to Jakarta for holiday and got offered to be one of the extras in soap opera. My friend offered it to me because she knew that I was in a theatre community in Malang. And it was on my 19th birthday when I filmed it. Few days after, I was already home and the agency called me and offered longer episode, just because my role was good enough. Then I continued the soap till one and a half year. After that, I tried presenting and I never knew before that I love presenting more than acting.”

Tell us about all that you’ve gained from the entertainment industry?
“A lot of things, I can’t even mention it one by one. I got to meet a lot of people. All kind of people, but it’s been fun. We usually shared each other’s stories and learned from that. And about my job, I really love my job and I love talking in front of people. I love giving information to people, especially the one that they need. Also I liked it when I got to do food travel because of my job.”

Then what’s the most unforgettable moment during your time in the biz?
“On my early days in the industry, I was nearly scammed by my friend who brought me to the entertainment industry. She wanted me to sign a shady contract and I needed to check it up first, but the so-called producers swore at me because I didn’t do what they wanted to. After all the problem was solved because one of my colleagues helped me back then. Yeah I mean, there was a blessing in disguise.”

Your actual dream job before?
“I wanted to be a diplomatic staff – that was why I used to be in Japanese literature major back in college.”

So what is your next goal in your career?
“Actually there are so many things I wanna try. I want to have my own talk show, or even my own channel in YouTube. I love travelling; I do, so I want to make a series from my experiences in travelling so the public can enjoy it too.”


Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Olivia Elena
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia

Photographer: Mikhail Teguh Pribadi
Videographer: Iqbal Syafei

Location: Dirty Laundry Jakarta


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