Chris Brown and Rihanna, After 10 Years

Unexpectedly, evidence shows that they’re still in touch after that sensational break-up, a decade ago.


They year 2009, ‘prince and princess’ of hiphop, Chris Brown and Rihanna, broke up following abuse allegation (which resulted in the cancellation of Rihanna’s concert in Jakarta, remember?). All hands were pointed to Brown as pictures of Rihanna’s bruised face became public.
Now, right when we least expected it, Rihanna and Chris Brown show some social media ‘affection’ – one of the most recent cases happened recently when Rihanna posted her promotional material on her latest lingerie brand.
Of course it cases some internet stir, as die-hard fans of Riri expressed their disgust. But sources said that both of them actually maintains good relationship all this time.
What do you think? Does Chris Brown deserve a second chance, now that he had gone through his five-year probation time by the police anyway?


Source: Global Radio


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