Christian Bong, The Man Behind Indomusikgram

On November 26, 2018, Letter F enjoyed quite the evening thanks to Indomusikday by Indomusikgram. We had a legit talking session with the pioneer of the community, Christian Bong, the day after. Despite his hectic schedule, Bong – his nickname, welcomed us at theIndomusikgram Headquarter. Talking about Indomusikgram, the bespectacled man shared the history on how the community got bigger during the past four years.

How did it all get started?
“It all started back in 2014 when Indovidgram started their movement. At that time, the Instagram hype was coming back with the new release of their new video features. Then after the Indovidgram made their move, we followed suit to make the Indomusikgram community. The challenge was how we make a good, short, and concise video. Long story short, the first idea was invented by my friend and I, but as the time goes by, we change the concept from a free-form community to a corporate-ish business – just like a talent agency.”
Including the talent scouting and content creators?
“Our focus on scouting talents was two years after the installment. Not that we didn’t have content creators in the beginning, but we were still searching the sole purpose of the movement – we wanted to help them grow to the next level. And we agreed to take it seriously when we got the trust from the sponsors, brands, music labels and musicians. As for our event, such as Indomusikday – we approached many sides first. We gave out forms for people to submit in order to participate, submitting video through Instagram and putting our official hashtag #Indomusikgram. After, we will repost your videos on our account.”
What’s your end-result?

“It’s simple actually, to create a new environment. We want to make an alternative option for a lot of unexplored talents without the audition fuss. Of course, we sort them out first, but the community is open for everyone with talents.”

How do you maintain both the content creators as well as the followers altogether? 
“To get them signing as our talents as we are heading to become a talent management. We are cooking the idea currently. Yet to keep them altogether is to have online as well as offline events. Throughout the year, we always have offline events on monthly basis. Providing a stage for content creators is our aim. Plus, in every event, there will always be a famous guest star, so they can have the experience of sharing the stag. Our biggest plan is Indomusik Fest next year.”
Used to be a content creator yourself and currently is running the biggest music community on Instagram, do you think that you also partake in contributing in Indonesian pop-culture?
“I think I contribute a small amount in Indonesia’s pop-culture compares to viral YouTubers. But we’re slowly heading there.”
What do you want to achieve through Indomusikgram?
“I have a dream to collaborate with other musicians, or Instagram community abroad. I think collaborations will do wonders. Not only musically speaking, but in a greater length of engagement. Like nowadays, lots of F&B companies decided to do a merger with lifestyle companies. My ultimate goal is to collaborate with content creators in South East Asia. I’d like to bring in and out both global as well as local content creators. We gotta embrace our local creators and help them promote themselves through social media so in the future, it can become their source of income.”

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Editor: Galuh Tathya
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Videographer: Rengga Aditya
Digital Imaging: Dela Naufalia

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