Cocktail-Inspired OOTD for Men

When it comes to drinking, men have their own go-to signature fave drink. But what makes a drink manly? The first cardinal rule is that, most of the times, it can not be sweet. Checking the list from Esquire, kita sudah mengumpulkan top 3 cocktails for guys and a fashion-inspired from these cocktails.

And as said, “The best cocktails for men are usually brown or clear. The best manly drinks do not necessarily have to be high in alcoholic content, but the bitter, throat burning, taste are what all real men are after.”

Yang pertama, kita punya Brain-Duster. Campuran dari rye whisky, absinthe, Italian vermouth, dan bitters. Rasanya mirip seperti Manhattan, with an absinthe kick to it.
For all vodka lovers, we present you Vodka Gimlet. Bahannya ada lime juice, simple syrup, and vodka.
Lastly, we have Boulaverdier—sort of the Negroni’s sibling. This drink swaps the gin for bourbon or rye whiskey, untuk memberi rasa yang lebih pekat dan nendang. Ingredients include bourbon, campari, and sweet vermouth.

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