Confused on Deciding Your Next Escape? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says (Part 2)

We’re back; your sign might not have been mentioned before but worry not, we’ll have you covered.


Paris , France
Everytime you hear the name Paris, it immediately touches your romantic core, as Paris is known for as the City of Love. Libra loves tranquility and have a thing for romance and charm. So, don’t you think Paris is just perfect?
Los Angeles, California
Sometimes Scorpio can be broody, and Los Angeles has everything to get you out of it. You can go hiking, road trip to valleys, deserts and mountains. In the mood for art? Go to Downtown LA to see the world’s most intriguing artist and hipsters. Shop? LA has it of course.

Istanbul, Turkey
You are someone who always looking for something new and present. This can be interpreted by going somewhere where it’s under-the-radar, or untouched destination. Istanbul can offers you so many things, view wise, culture wise, it’s just amazing.

Tokyo, Japan
As an ambitious and driven individual you will love the energy of Tokyo. With its fast-paced lifestyle, you will be filled with excitement 24/7. All the fun and buzz might got you tired, but don’t forget you can always soak in the rich cultural activities such as traditional tea ceremony or sushi making.
London, England
Aquarius are independent and single-minded about their preference to travel. You would come visit the same place over and over if you truly likes them. Museum in London can offer you just that, with the always changing exhibition, and don’t forget to visit some pub while you were there.
Maui, the United States
The breezy Maui is ideal for the fish sign because it’s an island, it’s secluded and will make you forget the reality for a while. Soak up to the clear water and learn endless amazing culture provided by the locals.

Kaanapali Beach from Black Rock, Maui, Hawaii

Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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