Congrats to the Soon-to-be-Married Couple, Tasya Kamila and Randi Bachtiar

Who doesn’t love happy ending? Without saying much, everyone does want a happily ever after kind of love story. Including Tasya Kamila and Randi Bachtiar. Remember Tasya? She is known as a child singer and actress. The Libur Telah Tiba singer is now all-grown up, as she who focuses more on her study and become a humanitarian – she was appointed as an ambassador of the environment by Ministry of Environment and Forestry back in 2012.

Tasya instantly becomes an idol for most girls. It’s because, besides her exemplary study record, her relationship with her fiancé lasts for a good 6 years.

Precisely on July 1st, they both engaged with a beautiful and flowery engagement party. Their engagement video became trending in Instagram as it touched people and wished them a happy marriage.

Going to exchange the vow on August 5th, Tasya and Randi is the epitome of relationship goals. Both are focus on studies and finished their master degrees in two different countries – and had a long distance relationship, yet they still had each other back till the end. After all it’s a happy ending for both of them and also for the people who root for them. Congratulation once again soon to be Mr. and Mrs, Randi and Tasya!


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