Cool Places Every Men Should Visit in His Lifetime

‘Cause the world is one big planet, it’s meant to be explored. Now we’re talking to you boys, experiences lie before your eyes and it’s waiting to be had. It doesn’t have to be a grand exploration, it actually can be started from the small step. Quoting Edwin Hubble, ‘Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and call the adventure Science’, these are cool places every man need to visit in his life.

Historic Sports Stadium

Whether you’re a football fans or not, visiting sport stadium needs to happen. You will feel a special thrilling being in the same stadium where so many legends played in the past.


Experiencing a racetrack is like being part of the continuum of manhood. From the elder men to young blood, a racetrack is a true melting pot of generations.

Traditional Barbershop

Once you find an authentic and traditional barbershop, don’t hesitate to try it. But don’t confuse it from a modern version of traditional one, we mean the real traditional one which has straight-edge razor shave, hot towel on the face and a shoulder massage.

Historic Battlefield

Our ancestors were fighting the colonizer with their sweats, blood, and tears – that’s why visiting historic battlefield site is always be an emotional call. Whether you serve in the military or not, come to a historic battlefield will affect you profoundly.

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