#CoupleGoals: G Eazy&Halsey

As the title suggested, affection between G-Eazy and Halsey seems to gradually become a real-tionship. Especially after some serious PDA (smooch) made by G-Eazy at an opening of Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour, September 29, 2017- a surprise on her birthday. Considering her recent collaboration with G-Eazy Him & I, is that just part of a show to raise both fame/merit or is it actually message to fans as official declaration of their relationship?



Goes with stage name Halsey, (it’s an anagram of her first name also the same name of Brooklyn street where she spends most of her teenager time), a total of four Billboard Music Awards have been won by her single-handedly. Moreover, with her recent 2nd album promotion tour has just ended on November 22, 2017, it’s certainly going to raise some major change in Billboard 200 chart.

Her music career didn’t sound that easy, first she was known only as the ‘on-your-back-rover-girl’ in The Chainsmoker’s Closer. Then series of unfortunate events seem to be thrown at her along the way, from miscarriage at 2015, being addressed as tri-sex, and being diagnosed with mental disorder, Bipolar, but it certainly never changed her resolution as electropop-based singer/songwriter.


Meanwhile the significant other, G-Eazy or notably known as James Dean of Rap, has just won People’s Choice Award as Favourite Hip-Hop Artist 2017. Most of his songs come with misanthropic and cynical theme, along with his outlaw persona. His voice is a backhanded critique of Mafioso rap which was characterized with self-indulgence and materialism.



After their recent affection being known, more attentions are given to their style as couple – black comes and goes as G-eazy’s signature identity, and combined with a bad villain vibe, it turned out to be a rad look, literally. For Halsey, although previously known as the social queen, lately she’s much suited to be considered as the rad queen. Dressing down, her distinct blue hair is still visible, with sunglasses, hot tees, rad leather jacket, jeans and completed with black boots, like completely a new look, but could it be part of change made by her recent-crush? 

Writer:  Hadi Sutanto
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim
Graphic Design: Rusdah Ulfa

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