The Cozy Working Space to Be: Concrete

Sometimes people need a new place to spruce up the creative flow, just like this new and hip working space called Concrete. To briefly explain, Concrete is a co-working space where you can spend your day working on your project, or just simply want a peaceful place to work.

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Located in Pluit, North Jakarta, Concrete is a sharing common area where you can use top facilities like high speed internet, free complimentary (water, coffee and tea), and a set of chair and table alongside electric plug extention. And if you feel tired and are in need of a break, go to their first floor to the library and game room. And on top of that, the toilet is equipped with shower. Feels like home, yet?

BOmagz talked with two of the five founders of Concrete, Raymond and Joshua.

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The basic idea of Concrete is…

Raymond: “Actually the first idea came from Joshua, and he shared the thought with us. After we talked about it, we agreed to built this co-working space. In Indonesia, the concept itself is still considered new, but in other part of the world, a co-working space is already common. We also foresee that many Indonesian students, who studied abroad, would love to open their own bussiness, but they don’t have the place yet. They don’t have a proper medium to work about their bussiness. With that kind of demand, we decided to make a sharing place to fulfill this gap.”

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The interior design concept is…

Raymond: “I did design it alongside Felicia. We renovated the old building all by ourselves. Let’s say the concept is unfinished or raw building. But we make a slightly different on the first and second floor. We thought that an unfinished room would be perfect for the first floor, because we can explore the decoration more if we ever held an event downstairs. On the second floor, we designed it to be homey and cozy, because both of them have different functions. The first floor is more like a sharing common area, meanwhile the second floor is more private with 11 different rooms.”
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How to get a Concrete membership?

Joshua: “It’s super easy. You can be a member per hours, per day or per months. All you can do is come to Concrete and pick the package deal then do the payment. After that, you can use the member card as an access to enter. And for VIP members, they have a special treatment of using all facilities on the first and second floors.”

The philosophy behind the Concrete name is…


“Concrete actually stands for Connect, Create and Collaborate. We built this building for a larger medium, not only to rent a space. We wanted to make a community out of it where people can connect. Furthermore, we hope that they can expand their networks or relations. We tried to help them to connect with people. And it’s also a place to create ideas which leads to a collaboration.”

The masterminds behind this awesome place are…

Joshua: “I work in the management of the team and the building. Raymond is in charge in designs, social media, also advertising. Since Felicia took an architecture major, she was the designer of the place, alongside Raymond, although she is now an event and marketing planner. Audrey is our public relations and marketing team, meanwhile Genesia is our main accountant.”

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And the events?

Joshua: “Every month, we held an event. Actually, we had workshops or seminars every week. Not long ago, we held a terrarium class with Terra Flora, and Jumping Jon – a fitness class with a trampolin as an equipment. And when we had our soft opening, we held Concrete Market Place where we collaborated with fashion and lifestyle brands and they could sell their stuffs here. And another Concrete Market special for desserts was held on April 21st – 23rd.”

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How is the progress so far?

Raymond: “Since we established in February 2017, we received a good appreciation and positive feedback. Our goals are to help people and educate them, while also promoting more about the co-working space. After we aggressively promoted and explained our concept, the enthusiasm was super good. We hope people understand our essence of co-working space.”

Future plans?

Raymond: “Since our target is to be a perfect medium for people, we hope we can help them to connect, create and collaborate. Just like our name, Concrete. And therefore, a formation of one positive community through our space is what we want.”

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Concrete Co-working Space
Jl. Pluit Timur Raya #17
North Jakarta 14450
Phone: (+6221) 6621 868

Writer: Adhinda Latifa
Photographer: Moody Wijaya

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