#CreateYourHistory with Isser James: My Family is My Biggest Achievement

Create Your History is a recent campaign by The F Thing’s in-house brand LEGITEAMATE, the campaign emphasizes about people who have paved their way in life, both personally as well as professionally, to achieve their goals in life to set a history.

A sneaker enthusiast that’s also a proud husband and father, Isser James’ life is now divided into two sets of priority: family and, of course, sneakers via his YouTube channel Badass 23 Monkey. To Letter F, Isser admits that ever since he has a daughter, his life has turned upside down in ways he’d never imagined.

Things that you’ve been through that put you where you are now?

“In life, I experienced a lot of failures, but it all made me the man I am today. Throughout the failures, I kept on trying and never stopped. My family though, they are the real reason why I always keep on going. They always support me through every single ups and downs. They are the reason of my existence, a reason for me to keep learning, improving and moving forward.”

What drove you to always go back in track?
“Stay focused. I am persistent, I believe that anything can happen, so whatever the outcome may be, I always give my best shot.”

Define “Creating Your History”?

“Creating your history isn’t simply reaching an achievement in your life that people can see, but history is how you do something that would make a huge impact to the community or to the people around you. Doing something that’s impactful is more impressive than gaining achievements. To me, that’s something that people would remember. No matter how big your achievement or how high your degree is, no matter how rich you are, but if you do something that isn’t impactful, then it’s not something that you can be proud of.”

What do you wish people would remember Isser as?
“I want to be remembered as an honest person. That’s probably what I’m known as, a blunt or rude guy. Because that’s what I do, I don’t sugarcoat what I say, I just say it bluntly, sometimes truth hurts but, I know. But being an honest person is how I want to be remembered as.”
What sacrifices have you done that shaped you to be what you are now?
“I sacrificed time for my career. Money is also the thing that I had to sacrifice a lot.  Also, loyalty. I am loyal to the street culture that I chose from day one and I would never betray it.”

If you could give any advice to your 17-year-old self, what would it be?
“Well, all I could remember about myself when I was young is that I was so brutal, arrogant, crazy, and fearless. I mean I was very different back then than I am now. I feel embarrassed now if I think about it. But, an advice, it would be to tone down your temper. My temper back then was uncontrollable and got me into so many troubles.”
If you could choose a role between an entrepreneur, a father, and a husband, which role would you choose?

“I’d choose the role of a father. I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my life in any way possible, but there’s only one thing that keeps me sane and happy: my daughter. To be a good father to my daughter is the one thing that I want to do for life.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Elena Whartika & Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: LEGITEAMATE Create Your History, available at The F Thing
Props by @klikpinjam.id

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