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Uploading a new audio content every Thursday on podcast platform, RAPOT consists of four friends that discuss random and daily topics with funny banters and a healthy dose of sarcasm in between. From radio to podcast, RAPOT members are Reza Chandika, Ankatama, Radhini Apriliya, and Natasha Abigail, who have known each other back in the Gen FM era.

Their current activities range from being a content creator, producing a music single, to being an entrepreneur. The haydays of being radio announcer are still very much imprinted in their soul, so they decided to reunite and make a podcast, and that’s how RAPOT was born. Nowadays, RAPOT has become one of the most listened podcasts in the country, and is currently promoting a fast-food chain restaurant as the brand ambassador.

Share us about your dreams growing up.
Anka: “Being a useful person. Since I was a kid, I always liked talking, I wanted to work in a PR department and so I studied at the London School of Public Relations.”
Reza: “I remember of admiring singer Reza Artamevia and never missed a single performance of her on TV. Back then I thought of becoming  singer, so I joined a choir, but things didn’t go as plan and I learned that singing wasn’t for me.”
Abigail: “Kids my age always wanted to be a doctor or a pilot, but since I’m not a fan of blood, I never thought of becoming a doctor. Was not keen on aviation as well. As a kid, I just love living the day as it is.”
Radhini: “A singer. I’ve always liked to sing and dreaming of becoming an announcer. Thankfully, the latter came true. Funny how much I dreamt of becoming an announcer, because back then I like to record my own voice with my own show in cassettes and listen to them later on.”
Reza: “That’s why we created a podcast, to reminisce the good days of being an announcer as we were all back then.”
Biggest sacrifices you did for your current career?

“I don’t think I’d call it sacrifice though, because I think to gain something means that we need to lose something.”


“I think it’s the process of becoming where we are right now, because I don’t think there’s so called success that is achieved over night.”

Abigail: “I feel like the sacrifices I made in the past are not something to be dwelled upon, so I tried to just let them go and follow wherever the wind blows.”
Name things that you can proudly call achievements.
Anka: “When I pursued my studies with the scholarship that I got. Making my parents happy. Those are my achievements.”
Radhini: “As mentioned before, I love singing and it’s one of my passions, releasing an album is an achievement for me because I put my all into it.”
Reza: “Honestly my mom is the type of person who likes many things in life, but she always held it in. She knows her priorities, but it triggered me into thinking once I receive my own paycheck, I’m gonna buy things that she likes. That’s my achievement.”
Abigail: “With my parents, I think there are times where I make them proud, but also there are other times that I became a burden, but having small things like singing with Efek Rumah Kaca and having it talked in a group family chat—this makes my heart full.”

As we’re doing Creating Your Own History as our main theme for the campaign, what does Creating Your Own History mean to you?
Anka: “It means creating something that people would remember about us.”

“I think it’s about leaving your memorable prints. Social media records our track forever, so I think leaving some positive marks is a must, to be inspiring, to post what we’re passionate about.”

Abigail: “I think one of the footprints that we can leave is probably our achievements, so if we’re no longer here, we can be remembered by our doings.”
Anka: “Definitely, and it should be about what you love and are passionate about.”
Talking about having memorable footprints, what do you guys want to be remembered as?
Reza: “Simple, as a good man.”
Anka: “I think all of us are thinking the same way. We want to be remembered as a good person, a useful person, who inspires people to do good, too.”

“If we can set a good example for the society, then people would inspire to do even better than us.”

Nowadays, there are so many youngsters who are struggling to pursue their dream, so can you share some advices for them to be brave enough to dream and pursue it?
Reza: “In my opinion, the keys to be successful is to give a good example to others and be kind to your parents, because their prayers are everything. People tend to think too much that sometimes they forget the steps to be successful starts at how you behave at home first.”

“You shouldn’t think about money at the beginning of your career, because if you’re after money with no experience—it brings you nowhere. When we were announcers, our salary is only IDR10.000 per hour, it’s very little compares to the distance we commute on daily basis. It’s very important to have a strong mentality and the need to learn, instead of thinking about the money.”

Reza: “Most important is to take criticism to improve yourself. For example, if you make mistakes and you were being told of or informed what you did wrong, it should be a learning process in order to better ourselves.”
Abigail: “For me, you have to find as many references as possible like I do. to read books and then make use of the references to reflect about my life, and in doing so improving myself. Be the best version of you.”
As you guys teamed up for RAPOT podcast, what was your impression of each other back then?
Reza: “Actually, when they were announcers, I was still in high school. I was appointed to broadcast with them, except with Radhini. My first impression was they were my seniors, both Anka and Abigail. They took care of me. I met Radhini after and I was a bit reluctant at first, but once I got to know here, we got along pretty well.”
Anka: “When I met Reza, I knew instantly that he’s a funny guy. Abigail is always the artsy one with her fashion taste in everything. Radhini is notoriously known for her long list of exes.”
Abigail: “I knew Reza is a good person, like I sensed it right away. He has a good vibe. Anka shines the most for me, she knows how to stand out. Radhini’s sex appeal is apparent, and for most guys I can guess that she’s a charming girl to be around with.”
Radhini: “Just like Anka said, Abigail is artsy. Reza is the incredibly funny one, so it was a bummer that he was reluctant to be around me at first. Anka is the friendly type, sometimes too friendly for her own good.”
If you were given an opportunity to appreciate one another, what would you say to each other?

“First would be the fact that we’re reunited. The goal for this podcast is to share and to reminisce moments together as we haven’t seen in a long time since the radio announcers days. There’s no specific goal, we met up and Abigail came up with the idea of making podcast. We had zero expectations for this podcast, so to see that we are among the top podcasts just blew us away.”

Radhini: “Yes, we all missed our announcers’ days, we’d like to share topics that couldn’t be discussed on the radio. I also would like to thank my friends here, just to have another support system who will always be there for me.”
Anka: “True, thanks for coming to my life since decade ago. Being my vitamin and making me laugh a lot.”

“To me, I’d like to thank you guys for showing me that laughing at my own mistakes can actually ease down the pain, so thank you for listening to my stories and give a fun perspective.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
MUA: Nadia Renata
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available at TheFThing.com

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