#CreateYourHistory with The Power Sister Valencia and Jessica Tanoesoedibjo

Though their life seems like it is handed to them on a silver platter, but these famous sisters are all about working hard, shaping their place, and creating history in life.

Tell us about your childhood dream.
Valencia: “When I was a kid, I wanted to be like my dad, an entrepreneur. I think I’m now already starting my way to be a professional or an entrepreneur? Still, a long way to be on top and a lot to learn, but I’m actually happy with where I am at the moment.”
Jessica: “I used to want to be a doctor but, unfortunately, I’m afraid of blood, so maybe that will never happen. But I’m very grateful for where I’m at right now, I’m doing what I really enjoy.”
Share us the inspirations or the things you’ve been through that put you where you are now?
Jessica: “For me, personally, one of the things that has shaped me to be who I am, I would credit to my time in Sydney. There, I started to be involved in church and I was more open about the real world situation. I realized that all this time, my life has been fed on a silver platter and there’s so much more out there, so many others who actually need a lot more than I who, perhaps, have been privileged with.”

“People would say being in the second gen makes you to be on top, that you get to be the boss, you get to be able to have all this access to your dad’s company and stuff. But what people don’t see is that there’s actually another side of the story, we actually need to work very hard for it and we have to be able to fill such a big role. Honestly, for me, there are a lot of times where I feel scared and feel like a failure, where I have to struggle, where I doubt myself to be able to push through. Those times teach me a lot to be humble and to start a lot of things from zero, and not to underestimate little things.”

What are the things that you consider as achievements?
Valencia: “Being a serial entrepreneur is one of the greatest achievements that I’ve had so far. I act as a business developer and struggle in so many ways to find how they’re structured the way it is. So I think, being a serial entrepreneur and pushing through them is actually the greatest achievement I have had so far.”
Jessica: “For me, a lot of people would talk about my achievements at school and the master’s degree that I took. But I think for me, I wouldn’t consider those to be my biggest achievements. I would actually credit a lot to what I do or what I’m passionate about, the little works that I get to participate throughout the years, like doing charity arm of PPIA and serving my youth kids when I was in LA and Sydney, those are the bigger achievements that I would be a lot more proud of.”
As entrepreneurs, how would you define “creating your history”?

“How I would create my own history is not about me creating who I want to be, but rather diving into what God has called me to. If we really want to create an impact in the world, if we want to change lives, we can actually start by something very little and I personally really value faithful work that people put in. Some of my friends work with refugees, some of my friends work really behind the scenes with kids with autism. Things like that are the more meaningful.”

Valencia: “I think it’s not all about money, it’s not all about success, but it’s who you can impact or influence. I would want to be able to be one of the people who can influence the youngsters to be able to act and be confident with themselves and push through whatever life hits. I want to be able to be impactful in my own country, Indonesia, in terms of the creative industry.”
How do you guys want to be remembered by other people?
Jessica: “As someone who loves Jesus with her whole heart.”
Valencia: “Someone who cares for other people and give a good impact to others. I wouldn’t want to be remembered as someone who makes a lot of money because of my achievement. All those things would be great but that’s just one thing. I want people remember me as someone who gives a great advice and someone who impacts people’s lives in a great way.”
What do you want to convey to youngsters who are still pursuing their dreams?

“Life is not easy, there would be a lot of failures coming your way. It’s not going to be easy regardless where you come from, whether you’re from a very financially established background or financially unstable. There’s always going to be challenges for you to go through. But as an individual, I feel like we’re placed on this earth for a reason. There’s always going to be something we can do to make this earth better, to be a good help to the society and to be a great impact. Please push through and never give up and when life gets hard, remember to always get back up and keep going.”


“Be careful with ambition. What ambition does to us is that we tend to be very self-centered and we live in such a world that actually encourages selfishness. What I want to encourage the younger gen is to actually look around you, there’s so much that we can contribute and do in this world. Continue to be humble and be willing to learn from others, be willing to learn from your mistakes, be willing to admit your mistakes. We’re not perfect people and we’re constantly growing, and I really hope that we don’t have that sort of mindset where we think we know best, where we think we know everything.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Dela Naufalia
Photographer: Ganang Arfiandi
Digital Imaging: Rendra Martin
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Elena Whartika and Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: LEGITEAMATE, available at The F Thing
Props by @klikpinjam.id

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