#CreateYourHistory with Zack Lee and Axl Jowono

This time it’s about bromance between Zack Lee and Axl Jowono. Though few know they’re step brothers, but you won’t even tell the difference once they’re in the same room. Both grew up together and shared the same consistency when it comes to determining and making their own success. And that’s where Legiteamate’s Create Your History stepped in.

What were your childhood dream?
Zack: “When I was little, I dreamed to be a Shao Lin, because I watched too many movies. Dream changed and I wanted to be a NBA player in which my dad responded by saying, ‘Don’t dream too big, it is impossible to get into NBA.’ At the time, I also wanted to be a soldier, an astronaut, and many others.”
Axl: “I honestly don’t know who I wanted to be, I was kind of going with the flow. Though at certain point, I wanted to be a NBA player, but I sucked at playing basketball. I mean I didn’t realize about my dream until my early twenties, I guess.”
How did you get into acting, Zack?
Zack: “I lost a bet, I was playing billiard at Plaza Senayan when I was just 17 years old with my friend. At the time, my friend said that she wanted to create an agency, and as I lost and didn’t have the money, she offered me to pay by being a model in her agency. I thought to myself: ‘How the f**k was I gonna be a model?’ So I walked on a catwalk once, I felt so embarrassed, but I won the third place. Dad was so proud that he brought our grandma, his friend, everybody we know, and he said that ‘Zack is finally doing something with his life,’. And that’s how I started a career in the showbiz industry. I never dreamed to be an actor and I took me so long of doing it to finally realize that this is my dream, this is what I wanted to do.”
What are the sacrifices you’ve done to be where you are right now?

“I think the biggest sacrifice is that I have to do jobs that I didn’t really want in order to get to the point that I wanted. Like I had to find out what I want, and I had to go to jobs that I didn’t really want to. I was working in my parents’ company and that was some pain in the a*s cause it didn’t really suit me. That was like during my early twenties, later on I tried DJ-ing and worked in my oldest brother’s resto business and that’s when I found my passion. Even then, I was working in the kitchen, not as the chef, but as a cook and I worked my way up, and here I am today.”

Zack: “The kind of dilemma when I had to choose between playing in a soap (sinetron) or big screen projects.”
Your version of achievements so far?
Axl: “I don’t think I achieve anything until the last couple of years—well in the last decade, I guess. Before, I just kinda lived as it is, I was working for my parents’ company and I realized at some point that I had to do something for my own. I tried something else, my brother helped me out and I guess, so far, providing work place for a lot of people, for my staffs, for my team is an achievement. Also, I have a gym business. It’s a place where we actually help people to improve their lifestyle for their personal gain, their personal improvement, physical performance, healthy lifestyle, those kind of stuff.”
Zack: “I would say being a good father, I love my daughter. Yes, you can say that I was a bad husband, but I’ve always been a good father. Achievement in work, I think I’ve done a couple of good films enjoyed by many.”
Our theme is “Creating Your Own History”, what does creating your history mean to both of you?

“A lot of people have different understanding about creating history, but for me, I’m not the type that says, ‘Oh I want to change the world, I want to make the world a better place,’, no. I just wanted to make it my own in the lifestyle business, to create a place where people can relate, people can have fun, people can create memories. Creating my history means creating an impact on people’s feelings, memories.”


“People don’t really know me, they only know me from the media. I actually have done quite a lot of good things that I passed on to my daughter. I brought her to the street where we bought food for people and now she tends to give away her toys. She prefers to give toys to those in need, toys and clothes. So I wanna use my platform that can make people do good for others in their life.”

What do you guys want to be remembered as?
Zack: “I want to be remembered as a person who always love and forgive. I’ll always be a person who has a big heart.”

“I really don’t know how I want to be remembered by people. So, it’s more like, I let them decide what they want to remember about me. I’m the type that professionally would do my best for my team, for myself, for my partners, and from there, I just want them to see me as a good leader, good partner, someone that gave it all for my work. I just want to do the best for people around me.”

Is there any message you can share with those who are still pursuing their dreams?

“I would say that everything starts with a dream, I was told that by a billionaire. He told me that he once dreamed of owning a helicopter and now he owned one. So my advice would be, whatever your dream is, just do something every day to achieve it. Do something. Even though you are crawling, but if you do that everyday, you will eventually get there. Perseverance. I think perseverance is very important.”


“True, perseverance. Consistency. Putting in a lot of work, a lot of hours in what you believe in. Cause sometimes even though you love something and you do it, turns out it gets hard and some just gave up. Don’t do that. I almost quit what I’m doing right now. You just have to look back, look at yourself in the mirror, have a personal conversation with yourself in the mirror about what you really want; what is your actual dream. Talk to yourself everyday. Ask yourself, remind yourself what you want to do, about what you want to be, and stick with that. Put in the hours, I’m telling you, put in the hours, because it’s not easy and nothing is easy. Nothing is given. Nobody gave me this job, I have to work for it. Just stick till the end, see it through, follow your guts. The best advice comes from your own feeling. And surround yourself with people that will drive you.”

Looking back, is there anything you want to say to your 17 year-old-self?
Axl: “Don’t stress too much. Don’t let your emotion control you because being too emotional sometimes leads to bad decisions. I can say that based on my own experience. Be patient, work hard. Don’t put yourself in a hard position, don’t hate yourself because, at the end of the day, if you hate on yourself too much, everything is gonna come up negative. Have faith.”

“Stay humble, work hard and harder. Don’t play too much.”

If you guys can turn back time, is there anything you want to change about your life?
Axl: “Nope, I think whatever we experienced back then led us up to this point. I don’t think I’ll be the same person if I change certain things. Like, we went through a lot of hardships when we were younger and I think that actually helped us develop the person we are today. I think without that hardship, we won’t be who we are today.”

“Yes, the things we experienced made us who we are. Even though I didn’t finish school, I still learned about life from elsewhere. So, I think I have to experience everything I had to experience.”

Can you guys explain each other in 3 words?
Axl: “Well, Zack is a loving brother. He is crazy, loving and he has this charisma that affects people in a certain way – sometimes we don’t like it, most of the time I don’t even like it, but he just does that to people. He has that impact towards people.”
Zack: “Axl is a very hard worker. Take sh*ts from nobody, which is good but cocky, but still good. Very strong headed, which is good cause he’s after the things he wants, like he just has to have it. I love you, bro!”
Your first memory about each other?
Zack: “So, my dad married his mom, he came into our family when he was four, and I was about seven or eight. And there was also my older brother and younger sister. I remember the first time him coming in to the house at Mangga Besar, he was four years-old, I can still picture it in my head and thought ‘this is one cute kid’.”
Axl: “I remember going in to the family and it was weird like, you guys were all so big and I was so small. But since the moment I got to the family, they were all so welcoming especially my big sister – Kylie, I love you so much. She’s like my first best friend in the family.”
Zack: “It’s funny because we are siblings of five in total – there is also the youngest one who’s also a half-brother. And though our parents got divorced, but all the brothers and sisters remain close to each other. We’re a proper family, we get into fights, but we also love and forgive no matter what.”
Can you tell us what you personally learned from each other?

“I learned to be more forgiving, more loving, more compassionate to other people which I learned from him. Because I’m a hard person, I go in my own lane. From Zack, I learned that you have to care about other people. Be more compassionate, be more thoughtful towards other.”

Zack: “I’d say I learn about his hard work, persistence. I think one of the greatest achievements for you is controlling your anger – which I had that problem, too. We are all angry kids since we grew up in different circumstances. We were both angry kids, and he got to control it really well. Back then, none of us would dare to wake him up because he would smash things up. And for me, it’s amazing for a human being to have issues and be able to control it, to become a better person.”
If you were given a chance to say your appreciations towards each other, what would you say?
Axl: “I love you! Thank you for making me a more loving person. I think that’s the biggest things I got from him. Be more loving, be more caring, be more compassionate.”
Zack: “I love you, bro! Yeah, I would say thank you for being angry with me, it made me realize that it’s a stupid thing to do. Because of your anger, it made me to think things through like maybe I shouldn’t have done that.”

Editor: Galuh Tathya
Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Photographer: Vicky Melly
Digital Imaging: Ari Angga
MUA: Nadia Renata
Stylist: Salsabila Sari
Wardrobe: Legiteamate, available at TheFThing.com

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