Da Maria Seminyak Bali Cafe Holds a Sicilian-Italian Special Menu Throughout June

When it comes to Sicily, of course what people would know is that it’s a place of paradise with a beautiful coastal cities surrounded by the ocean. But little did people know that Sicily is also famous for its delicious seafood menu.

DA MARIA x Sicily will mark the first session in a series of new events to enliven the feel of Italy vibe in Seminyak, Bali. From June 1, Sicilian delights will take up residence at Da Maria for the months of June and July only. Steve Skelly, the Executive Chef, stated “This menu marks the launch of our next series of events at Da Maria, where we will be exploring each region’s delicacies in greater detail. Working our way from the bottom up, we’ll be kicking things off with Sicily, an island famous for its seafood and its citrus.”

This Sicilian feast at Da Maria will also be liven up with local wine, such as Donnafugata Sherazade and Planeta Alastro Bianco. In addition to that, there is no escape from a cannoli dessert filled with ricotta and honeycomb to a layered icy orange granita.

Da Maria x Sicily will launch with a special opening night event on Saturday June 1. Bookings can be made via email info@damariabali.com

Writer: Dela Naufalia Fitriani
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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  1. i love what you have completed here. keep up the great writing!

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