#datboi: Neels Visser

He may only be 18 years old, but he isn’t here to play. Neels Visser is a Vine star whose viral legacy managed to spread to Twitter, Instagram and YouTube—basically a social media star. You really ought to get to know this gem. His face is always there, spotted in the VIP row of prestigious fashion shows.

More than meets the eye though, this blonde haired millennial is a model, a businessman, and a newcomer DJ.

Although born in Phoenix, Arizona, Neels spent his high school in Los Angeles, California. He started to discover his liking in modelling. Taking not a long time after that, he already made an appearance for big brand campaigns such as American Eagle, Dolce & Gabbana, Maybelline and Vanity Teen Magazine. The Cali boy was also featured in Vogue.com as a YouTube star who sucessfully became a model, alongside Jay Alvarez. The latter though, is one of Neels’ circle of friend. Again, he isn’t playing around – he is now listed as Next Model Management Modeling.

After becoming a model, Neels aims to become a CEO of his own company. The experience that he got for helping out his father’s company leads him to build his own clothing site: Living Regal. Now the retail clothes site becomes American’s teenage favorite site to shop on. And currently, he plans on taking a professional training in DJ mixing as his appreciation to music.

So to sum up who Neels is: social media star, fashion icon, model, businessman, and soon-to-be DJ? We shall see.

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