Dealing with Social Media Trolls: 4 Tips You Need

When you hear the word ‘troll’ you might think about the ugly creature from Scandinavian folklore, but it actually has its own meaning when it comes to social interaction on the internet.

According to the Urban Dictionary, trolling can be defined as “The deliberate act of making random unsolicited and controversial comments on various internet forums with the intent to provoke and to engage in a fight or argument.”  Meaning that the internet trolls are there not just to spread hatred but to gain the attention. Initially they don’t think about how much their words affecting other people as the bigger recognition they get—the more entertained they will get.
For those of you who are living on the internet-based platform, you might find a lot of internet trolls on your community, as you may often find them online, and here are the tips for you to deal with them:
Ignore Them
None of them worth your time, keep in mind that those trolls are actually the one who suffers and putting you to be the substitute of their pains.
Reveal Them
Trolls use their anonymity to attack their targets and when things get out of hand you can reveal the truths towards their hate comments.
Don’t Give Them the Media
Your house, your rules. You can block their IDs from commenting on your community or filter certain content from your comment section cause you don’t want to have trashes laying around in your space.
Correct Their Mistakes
Look into the mistakes that they pointed at you and correct them, if you are indeed wrong admit to it and let your audiences know that you’re in the middle of self-improvement from that mistake.
Source: Forbes, Lifewire, verywelllife
Writer: Windyannisa Cindrati
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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