December Holiday, Here We Go!

The fact that it’s the month when streets, stores, and houses are decorated for the holiday season – it’s what makes December special. With nearly everyone absorbed in getting ready for the holidays, there are other who might want a change of scenery to celebrate the holiday in a new faraway place. What’s the best place to go anyways?

Edinburgh, Scotland
The city is undeniably festive during December. You can visit Edinburgh Castle for a historical traits, or just go for a walk to the Royal Botanic Garden that decorated with lights, music, and illuminated trees. Pay a visit to Christmas pop up markets where you can buy traditional crafts and gifts – also foods!
Vienna, Austria
If you want to experience a holiday of a lifetime, Vienna is the best answer. Start from magical Christmas markets, classical concerts, ice skating rink, carousel, to reindeer train – you can find the best trait you’ll get in December.

Rome, Italy
Far from the crowds and heat of summer, you’ll find a lovely time here – with a warm jacket, cozy hat, and comfortable shoes, and you’re ready to explore the Eternal City. We say, who can resist a warm plate of spaghetti carbonara or hot chocolate, and a seasonal panettone in December? No one would ever!
St. Bart’s, French West Indies
For people who live under the low temperature, a different scenario on December will be interesting. Instead of snow, you’ll be graced by sun rays and doing things like boating, windsurfing, kayaking, or exploring the island’s shallow reefs. Sounds a plan, no?

Phuket, Thailand
Another city, or island to be exact, that you should explore for a warm and fuzzy December is Phuket. Since the island is popular with watersports, rainforests, and nightlife, you won’t feel any cold feet during your stay here.

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