Dee’s Scent-sational Novel Breaks a Record

Dee Lestari’s 12th novel, Aroma Karsa, is like the hottest reading item right now. If you’re planning to spend your weekend reading, here’s all the information you need to know about the book.

  • She took a perfume-making class in Singapore
    As the story revolves around perfume business, mystery and ancient legend, Dee took a basic perfume-making class at Singapore’s Nose Who Knows (an affiliate of Cinquieme Sens, France) before she started writing. She also drowned herself on lots of reference books on perfume.
  • She traveled to must unusual places
    On the other side of the spectrum; she decided to visit TPA Bantar Gebang as part of her research, followed by a trip to the elder of Gunung Lawu. All these interesting places make a lively story on Aroma Karsa.
  • Record-breaking
    Today, the book has become a sensational hit both on physical and digital bookstore. Even before the launch, the pre-order had reached 10,000 books and 2.000 digital books (this is a new record in Indonesia). Do you know what’s more record-breaking? Dee decided to manually sign those 10,000 books. A writer’s job is never done, eh?


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