Details on Turkey’s Most Celebrated Gem: Hagia Sophia

Turkey has long been a fascination to many, especially travelers. The country represents the perfect image of a mixture between Asia and Europe. Filled with historical landmarks that dated back to centuries ago. Hagia Sophia, the most iconic one in the country, is known for its interesting facts.


The museum is known for its historical journey since it was built. Having a sacred meaning, ‘Holy Wisdom’, the building initially served as a cathedral for Eastern Orthodox, then it was converted into a Catholic church. A transformation took place once again as it got converted into a mosque from 1453 until 1931. Hagia Sophia, which listed as one of the biggest Byzantine architecture legacies, was once again transformed as a museum by the first President of the country, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, in 1935.

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The interior of Hagia Sophia has always been majestic, with additional mosaics were implemented at the ceilings. The number of treasures, relics and miracle-working, painted icons of the Hagia Sophia grew progressively richer. The Loge of the Empress, lustration urns, the famous marble door, mosaics and wishing column are the eminent decorations inside Hagia Sophia, but the most fascinating interior is the mosaic of The Virgin Mary and the Islamic elements on the top of main dome – indicating a rich cultural diversity.

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