Mother’s Big Role for Dev Patel

“As soon as I read the script, about having two mothers, I know I’m going to do this movie for my mother,” The Best Supporting Actor Winner in the previous Oscar Award, Dev Patel, is dedicating the award for his mother.

For this role, the English actor Dev Patel spent his eight months to do the preparation, the movie is telling a story about an adopted who is looking for his biological mother. Adapted from a real life story, Patel portraying Saroo Briely the Indian kid who lives happily with his adoptive parents in Australia but started wondering about his biological parents and his background. Deep down in his heart, he knows where his mother is—but can’t really tell with his own mouth. Moving to Australia when he was only five years old, Saroo barely remember anything from his past, but with the great help of his friends and internet he seeks his way to come back for his biological mother.
Source: Sindonews

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