#D&G Cancelled – Due to a Recent Social Media Blunder

One of the most well-known fashion houses, whose taste for over-the-top luxury has been known for years now. Dolce & Gabbana shows much amount of class, sex appeal, and richness in every design. The brand’s name just became talk of the town, unfortunately due to their recent social media blunder.


D&G was planning to showcase their newest collection in Shanghai, themed around the diverse and authentic Chinese culture, mixed with their signature Italian appeal. As you can still see on their Instagram page (@Dolcegabbana), they have promoted 3 specific videos which contents are showing oriental woman wearing dress and accessories from the Italian house, giggles as she tries to use chopsticks to eat Italian well-known food such as pizza, a large cannoli and spaghetti. The videos are narrated by Chinese speakers with Mandarin subtitle.

Some netizen think these videos are very disturbing and degrading to Chinese people, showing false stereotype of people lacking refinement/culture to understand how to eat foreign foods. One of them tried to ask Mr.Stefano Gabbana to address the situation, and somehow got lashed out. In their conversations through Instagram DM, Mr. Stefano showed little to no respects for China and said horrible things about the country – which of course, sparked anger.  The conversation leaked to Instagram account @diet_prada and was spread through social media like wildfire.

Famous Chinese actors and actresses refused to come to the show, some even swore not to wear or use any of D&G products again. Model agencies in China are pulling out their girls from the show. Vogue China’s editor in chief also reportedly canceled her attendance for the show. D&G stores in China are now being heavily guarded. Lots of China’s biggest e-commerce and department stores are pulling out their D&G products from display.
After all these whirlwind, Mr. Stefano and D&G have yet to apologize but claim their Instagram account had been hacked and there are trying to figure it out. Sadly people don’t buy this excuse since it wasn’t the first time Mr. Stefano has been linked and proofed to be shaming or racist towards women of other cultures.

Now that The Great Show is officially cancelled, what’s more for D&G? Stay tune.


Writer: Ervina Michelle Liem
Editor: Olivia Elena Hakim

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