Dior Pulled Back “Sauvage” Campaign after Backlash

Following few racist issues made by Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci, earlier this year, Dior Released a Native American themed campaign for their latest fragrance, “Sauvage,” aiming to tackle down racism issues and anti-racists between the communities.

However, rather than easing down the situation, the campaign gives the boomerang effect to the company right then and had to pull the campaign back after the backlash. The campaign that starring Johnny Depp with in a cowboy costume, alongside a Sioux man dancing in tribal dress. Quoted from Hypebeast, the counterattack started to raise after seeing the French word “Sauvage” being translated to “Savage,” which putting a derogatory as it is used in reference to French indigenous populations and the English equivalent being a known racist label when describing people of Native American descent.

Toward this issue, Dior claimed that the brand had worked alongside indigenous advocacy organization, Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO) for the campaign who have reviewed their plans from the scratch. Moreover, after the backlash, Dior has deleted every traces of the campaign while the criticism still on the rise on the internet.
Source: Hypebeast

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